Sunday, May 31, 2009


today didnt make anything better. i dont know what got into me, but it just made me angry. now...i know i cant change anything because what ive done today. if you even read my blogs...i just want you to know that im sorry. if i could take it back, i would. you know i would. i just wanna give everything back, but i dont know how to. right now the remorse in my mind is growing bigger and bigger.

thanks steven for making this day better.
We went to go watch UP :]
PIXAR is amaazingg. <3

another day of japanese food with jackie trans

we are truly KAWAII


i just wanna ask why...why is it hard to forget?
and why when you try to find all the negativities in that person, it gets pushed away from all the positive things?
why is life like this?

PS: im not emo ...

Friday, May 29, 2009

meeeesheo and i reppin da MACS :]

Thursday, May 28, 2009

dor...mon :]

i bought candy at mitsuwa the other day...nd ate it in spanish class with jackie :D YAY!! :] <3

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

new chapter


it was hard ending this chapter bacause i wanted it to last. as i read on, ive found out so many things and learned more about it. well, i must keep reading, and find out whats going to happen next. haha. ill just put on a facade and pretend that everything in the book is going swell. turning the page will be hard, especially for the sticky gross boogers stuck to it is hard to "unstick".

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


You tried so hard to obliterate our friendship and everything we developed, and it worked. Although I miss you immensely, I can't even see the faintest light of us speaking again. The idea seems too far out of grasp, and reaching out to you would be senseless of me. I hope that we will talk once again in the future, and maybe then, we can catch up on everything. But that's just me wishfully thinking again. Sometimes, I feel sad about it all, but at other times, I feel sort of angry with you. I ask myself why you've given up and I have yet to come up with a satisfactory reason.

i tried to find away to say this.

Monday, May 25, 2009

memorial weekend so far.

friday...hmmm...what happened.. i went to Georges house and all of us (me,brother,daisuke, vincnet and his girlfriend,thaole and her boyfriend,jeanne, andrew..etc) and played mafiaaaa :] yay
saturday!!! DEBUT! DANCE DANCE DANCE. HAPPY bday Ate Miriah!!! and then went to a UCI dance :D OMG FUNNNN :D heehee met a few peepoh. the best day of my life since last thursday!! :D haha. yay
Sunday: went out with relatives. went around.
then talked to someone...that i thought wouldve turned out okay. but i guess it kinda sucked...i really dont know what to think of that person anymore.
now i sleep and dream of a peaceful night.

Friday, May 22, 2009

new friends, close friends

nhu mai
you made me happy. you talk to me all the time on the phone when i need you. make me laughhh. you do whatever i say ;] *stab stab* "AHHHH!!!!! D;* its funny how we just met and we soo close. i kinda feel bad whenever i call you cause i talk too much..heehee :] but thanks for always being there for me guurrll.

ashley carbajal
thanks to him i met you. haha. even though youre always busy with FINALS and also talk to me. and you give really good advice. makes me feel good. haha i remember you nd youre crazyness. and one day...youll help me in promoting my art. yay :] well i dont know if im making sense right now cause im watching "how its made on TV right now. haha X] oh and i love going to your house those nights. maybe cause its another way of being free...or something else.

seven le
one of the founders of SMM. we go on adventures with mary and have so much fun. haha . we make fun of people and call ourselves fat and say we would "work out" but...we never do :] haha and tutor..i thought you were some cool skater fool who wouldnt talk to anyone at tutor cept for the other kids who go skate. haha so i thought you were uncool. till we talked :D yay

mary nguyen
BESTFRIEND FOREVER. youve been always busy. :[ but every single time we hang out...i laugh sooo harddd. and make you laugh hahaha AND WHERE EVER WE GO WE MEET ...i mean...COOL PEOPLE MEETS US! YAY :D IVAN AND CALVIN! hohoho. i like how we can tell each other...EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! but yeah. best friend. district govenor of kiwins. ...omg <3 :] haha and everyone likes you. im so glad i met you at tutor. i like how you were all quiet and cute and nice at tutor..but everything changed :Q LOL hahaha. :]

haha where can i start. anywhere. thankyou so much.<3
i miss it.

matt leonffu
HAHAHA matt leonffu...coolguy. haha . youre always cool to be around. everyone loves you. i dont think anyone hates you cause youre so cool.......
i have a confession tho. sometimes..when i look at you...i can picture a downsyndrome kid in your pllace,haha youre a cool photog. an EXPERT AX MERCHANDISE THEIF...LOL....naruto. :]

mark tran
BOWCHICKA WOW WOW haha youre cool. sometimes we just get "eh" moments but we always end up gewd. :] haha youre smart and everything else. you can dance you have a lot of great ideas and everyone loves you. haha dang. a lot of people love you.

mari, you seem like those wise filipino mothers who are outgoing and who would buy their kids nice clothes. haha and tyson ...:] soo funny :]

jennifer hong
ive known you since middle school. and youre still here for me. plus we made a kid. (rico truong) :]

ashleycarbajal,stevenle,marynguyen,austin,mattleonffu,marktran,mari&tyson :],wendy,and JHONG :D<3


im going to maryland. i dont know if my brother is comin with. but does anyone wanna go with me :D we will have great fun. yay!
so life right now?...i think its okay. haha. idk if it could be anybetter. but yeah
im having fun :] life is good. its just missing something. i signed up for this internship for baumsvision..remember? and im still waiting...its for summer :] i miss nhumai,ashleycarbajal,stevenle,marynguyen,austin,mattleonffu,marktran,mari&tyson :],wendy,and JHONG :D<3


i miss someone dear in my heart.

Monday, May 18, 2009

best ever in 4 days

i feel good. :]

i try. but cant do.

yearbook. was ...boring as usual

we are watching hairy potter in yearbook 3rd per.

haha. i remember this too.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

to you

i tried. but cant move. on. im sorry. but its going to be the same in me.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


if you wanna buy any, get me at

Friday, May 15, 2009

only time can tell

i really didnt want it to happen. i just hoped we couldve just talked about it and save it. cause i understand where you are coming from.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

i hope still

is it for real? because i thought it was. i just dont want it to happen. maybe im in denial. please...think about it. all my life i waited for someone like that. but...i dont know. i really dont wanna continue this day. i just wanna sit in that park. and just continued it. i didnt want to walk away. i looked back three got up and just left. i dont know if i could ever see you anymore. i just sat here at home thinkking about it. ill just leave you all behind. cause if i think about you...i cant stop thinking. and ill just want you more. cause right now thats the only thing i care about. im just scared that voice my lead me away.

-to you.

so this letter up here was written by a famous but sad person. Everyday this person would hope for the days to come with his "you". he didnt care what how long it took for him to see his "you". it just occured to me that this letter ...will meaning... cause everytime i think about it now...i just wanna tear it up and go on with life.


TO CRISTINE: iono if you reed dis. but i wore a shirt today and it reminded me of this one girl on your blog :]

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


today, well..up to know which is around 11:10,
i just went to famima and got some padthai and uhhh...spam masubi. my friend couldnt pay so i spoted her. she owed me 5 dollars...THATS RIGHT TRACY VO...5 DOLLARS.. AND after skoo..i might go somewhere

Monday, May 11, 2009

life at the moment

my pool is half empty./span>


so i tried out for publicity(person who does all the posters) for ASB on Saturday and i didnt make it.
i just wanted to know why :]
but look on the bright side, i have a chance to do an extra AP art :] haha ...again

but now im just waiting from a reply from this guy named Darren De la Cruz for an internship at Baumvision....( :]

haha ooo and im planning to go to BolsaProm. i just need mooolah.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


this morning. i woke up to something great. and it made my day.

happy mothers day :] <3
hahaha XD its a holiday.

im a new soul now. so forget the last blog i posted. :]


about a few hours ago. i was having a great time at downtown disney. then went to guppies. but iono..something just sparked and i felt it was starting to fade. i want to save it. i dont wanna lose it. ive been tired for the past few days cause of AP art. but now im chilled. so hopefully everything will be better. i just miss ......

i hope everything will turn out for the better.

Friday, May 8, 2009

ahhhh today is sooo boring. well kinda.. im just excited for tonight. im going to turtle rock, the block, and some lavished restaraunt :D yAY

PS: im in history class....typing this borrringnggngngng blog.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009