Sunday, July 26, 2009

good in da hood.

sawp bloggerss:

heh lifes been going uphill since this summer :] just today it went down a little but now its sky rocketing!!! X] im soo excited for whats in store X]
we gonna go clubbin at my friends club later. x] mood: excited

ughh.. i love that what happned in april happened. cant believe i was all "lawkjdlcawlkj/.ek.awk" about it. HAhahAha hmmm.. well ill blog tomorrow. tonight i need some rest.

heh. peace out girl scouts.


goodbye to california for seven days :] hello maryland for seven days :)
ill try to keep up with my blogs during my stay over there. :D

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

out with fambam

so this week was pretty sad cause my really big koi fishes died cause the filter was leaking nd was turned off so not enuff oxygen.

today i went to my gmas house nd ate food. met canadians. then went to irvine spec with family.

all 10 of my BIG KOIS died D; each cost 2000 bucks. sad :[ RIP

my ube.

her ube.



went to irvine spectrum just to chill. got 2 vnecks. yay! :D

i love blurry pictures

on the freeway... i was scared i was going to drop the camera O_0