Thursday, October 29, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

owl city

"i rather stay asleep because my dreams are bursting at the scenes"

Lemon Grass Chicken

ima go make it for dinner. off to go ingredient shopping <3 :]

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Leave Me from Daros Films on Vimeo.

OMG please tell me this is the cutest/saddest short film ever.

Oct 24

yesterday steven called me to paint Wall-E for lipsync. he picked me up, and i forgot my camera in the house D; I went outside and i realized that it was still in the house. i ran to the door and it was locked. .. D:< I LOCKED MYSELF OUT!!! i there was no way to get in except the front kitchen window. I had to break in :[ the frame bent… i walked in the house and got my camera and ran back out… then i realized i forgot the unlock the door again!! D; so i had to walk around the house trying to find an unclosed window… i found the bathroom window open (really small and high) … i broke that too T__T so now im scared my dads going to go crazy.
i went to sketch drawings at the park today. After that we went to Tin's house to paint/hangout/ eat. I met patricia there!!!
We ended up playing cell phone tag. we were just going to play one round… we did play one round.. but it took us a an hour or 2. LOL Heuiy, anna, and kenny jumped fences, rolled under fences, climbed trashcans, etc. haha they looked like they were being chased by a killer. A mexican guy saw them so he ran out of his apt. and carried a BIG bat. he was like "are you guys okay?" LOL steven was about to run towards them but he decided not to cause it was too dark. LOL good thing he didnt cause the mexican guy was going to hit someone.
Ricky, patricia, steven and i were sitting in the front porch waiting for people to come to base but everyone else was running around.. LOL (we were soo tired we decided to rest) we were talking so much, tin's dad came out and ask us in viet "do u want me to turn on the lights?" and Ricky (hes mexican) was like NO no NO! LOL HAHAHAHA
overall, yesterday night was really fun :]