Saturday, July 11, 2009


photos by mate ugrin

thoughts have been runnin through my mind lately. drama, sorrow, intensity in ones passion for true love, and the dying need to survive in the real world. a while ago, i felt like i shouldve ended something that shouldve have been but i realized that it was the only way, the only "how" on who ive become as a person. if it never happened to me how could i give my constructive advice to those who vent to me.

when it comes to love in a person (not that ive expirienced it), finding someone who you really liked and sharing moments with that someone makes you feel like its the best thing that ever happened in life so far. but doubts come to mind where, whats going to happen in the future between me and this person?, am i going to be commited?, is this really who i want to be with?, why does it seem so perfect yet im doubting these things?. and right after you break up with someone, so many things will start reminding you about that person no matter what. itll be weird at first but in the end its just showing that youre not the only one going through this...other people have to deal with it too. well, all ive got to say to that is... what you have in front of you right now, cherish every moment you can with it, because one day youll realize that it wont come by again.

life overall?...whats the true meaning? i really dont know. some people say its finding true happiness and others say its finding someone to spend the rest of your life with, or finding a career that will make you feel complete... but hey, there are different opinions to that, so really, the true meaning of life is just opinions in ones perspectives on their outlook.
...and to those who are dealing with breakups T___T.... advice i can give you is just get as much advice on as many friends as possible. after that, you shouldnt shoot yourself down with it. just grab the bulls by the horn nd live life... dont sit in your room crying. go out and hang out with your friends. dont let your ex pull you down cause you know that youre better than that. of this was directed to a friend...^^^^

photo by atticus jackson

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