Sunday, August 30, 2009

sunday Aug 30

Mary decided to come over today :] BFF. steven couldnt come because his parents didnt let him go out T__T Mary and i chilled in my room for a couple min, and decided to go eat. we were thinkin sushi...but...we didnt know anyplace to go. xD i was on a $12.70 budget cause that was all the pocket change i found in my room. we ended up eating Ramen at Diamond Jamboree (across from guppies). food is great! :D the manager kept staring at me. one of the employees complimented my necklace. and ....i felt bad for the cashier cause she had to count all my coines...but she said that she needed more quarters anyways... LOL xD so...yeah. we didnt have enough for tip... (only $1) so me nd mary ran to the front...took a pic with the girl holding ramen, nd we made a run for it! :D haha mary and i talked nd laughed for hours. wished steven came T__T haha .. :D

i paid the lady in coins :[ i felt bad cause she had to count the whole thing cause she didnt trust me when i told her it was $12.70... heehee :D

Saturday, August 29, 2009

saturday august 29

this morning was really boring.
i woke up, didnt know how to get to Fountain Valley Rec. center for DCM (for Keyclub) cause my whole family ended up planning a bbq/hangout with friends at Laguna Beach the whole day. so i had no ride :[ . i ended up calling Angel&Jason for a ride. so i made it on time. everyone was sitting in a circle. we went through the Agenda and we ate some really good brownies and chocolate chip cookies with pepsi. played one game of 13. took pictures on Michelles Macbook. nd continued the DCM. After everything i couldnt find a ride home...until people started wonderin when my ride would pic me up (cause some people had to wait for other people to get home). my ride wouldnt pick me up till 9:00 D; Rachel and Kevin felt sorry for Rachel,Bree,Kevin, and i ended up going to this korean restaurant. heehe :] then we went to a french bakery for some goodies. then to Cham Sut Gol for some kbbq/ice cream nd we saw some friendsssss :D after that we chilled at my house nd i call it a good night <3