Wednesday, November 25, 2009

∆n ∆rtist's Vor∆city #4

i need one more chance, we still have it all…


so this really has nothing to do with me, just a couple of friends out there:

When you’re with someone, how do you feel?
When you’re goin at it, do you feel like he/shes the one?
Why are you going out with that person in the first place?
Chance at love? Chance at meeting “the one”? Chance to feel like you’re on top of the world? Love, is it cliche?

Do you believe in second chances? I’m not going to dive into this cinematic subject too much… Second chances: myth or fact? I think that second chances are either a step forward, or a trap. When someone breaks up with you, or when someone ends that friendship you had over some guy, you…or I would take the initiative to end it in good terms. Why end it by ignoring the guy? Why not just finish it in a mutual relationship (at the least)? Im asking so many questions because i wanna know what you guys think… Do you guys wonder about this? yes? no? …

(photo sesh with Tiffany today)

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  1. second chances are always good...

    i think a clean break can translate to less awkwardness or better terms when going forward with a second chance. if the break was clean, it can mean that it was mutual- maybe because the timing just wasn't right. ever read the article about the one who "almost got away"? it's out there in alot of places; heres one:

    when a break up is bad- it normally means one or both people weren't read to let go OR on the other extreme spectrum, the relation ship was on such a shaky foundation both people were getting profoundly damaged.

    but like- each case is really its own deal.