Monday, February 1, 2010

January 31

Today my parents, brother, and i went to a Viet Festival in Little Saigon. After church we went to go eat at LUC DINH KY (they make delicious Com Bo Luc Lac). After that my dad wanted to go buy some candy…well…the viet stuff at an herb shop.
Then we went to Asian Garden Mall- (phuoc loc tho).

This is where my shooting spree began.( it was hard taking pics of people…i only use manual focus. haha ><) I started seeing most vietnamese women carrying Coach, Louis V., and Gucci. So, throughout this post, youll see a lot of random pictures of bags. :]
So when they said LA is the Louis Vuitton hype…they really did mean it O_0
:D <3 which is fine by me!

So yeah…enjoy this post :] k bye ^^

Click to ENLARGE pictures

i always draw on the placemats whenever we go out to eat anywhere. today… i drew simple things :]

free refills

As usual…my dad and the people who work there are friends… he always befriends everyone haha :D

this lady had a bun in her hair. :] my brother took this one cause i was too afraid of walking up to her xD

parrot lady?


love his jacket

she had a cute outfit

the only burberry purse i saw.

asian MILF. jk shes too fat.

i loved her style. and her makeup. too bad you guys cant see it :[

Everyone was avoiding this man..he looked so shady…so he was standing by himself

Look at her gnarly outfit xD

lol. my mom took this one. I was carrying orchids and so she carried my camera… i told her to take pictures of the black guy and ….she really did T__T

mom decided to buy orchids.

She was wearing Edhardy and louis vuitton and the man was wearing a louis vuitton messenger bag

look at this bentley. heehe :]

my car

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  1. Are you Filipino? You look Filipino!

    It looks to me that you love to fix your hair so much. Your mom seems cool!

    What camera do you use? Awesome photos