Wednesday, June 24, 2009


tryna make andy his retarded shirt deesign T__T i fail at it.

my dog has a new girlfriend...i think shes UGLY!!!!... haha theyre both female :D this is how i look like when i sleep... lol i look ugly

woke up to a text from my dad saying "shower the dog" T___T

hairproduct #1

my dog...likes to model. shes photogenic.

oui! :]

summer has been soooo good to me so far. i think its the fact that all the fun and friends are pouring in before i get my report card. cant wait till AX with the group. and hotelling with friends nd no parents. haha :D yay! i met new friends this summer too. omg..cant stop thinking about whats in store for the near future !! :D


  1. SMM !!!!! <33333333FOREVERARRRRRRR