Wednesday, June 3, 2009

i just burned the last chapter cause it stank ;D

so for a while now lifes been pretty rough, but after drinking all those nails in the water bottle, IMA STRONGAH person :] (? nails in a water
TO BRIAN: iono if you read this, but this is just me speaking to you so it makes me feel better cause i have to take it out on something...(blogspot)oh nd btw, thnx for this "expirience" as youd like to call it. i just miss it. i dont wanna relive it though.
okay, so you dont even look at me when i talk to you, and you just rudely pick up your phone when we're having a serious conversation? whats up with that? and yes, it was fake. you are fake. that whole act was what i called a spectacular. you just did it cause you were just in the moment and you wanted other people to be happy for you. you wouldnt care if it was just some other person who made you smile. and dont tell me what to do, or who to not talk to cause you know what? those people i talk to, are my friends, family. they are who and what makes me who i am now. they are the people who give me support. if they dont wanna be brought into it, then they could just stop talking to me or just say "can we not talk about brian". so dont say oh, stop dragging people into this. its between you and be only. well...HEY IT IS BETWEEN YOU AND ME ONLY. the only difference between us is that im not selfish like you. when people wanna comfort me, ill be glad to take every bit of nourishment and care. cause not talking to your friends about any of this is like saying "oh, youre my friend but, i cant talk to you about my problems cause youre not important or understanding enough". you made me soooo happy, then sad, then unfortunately angry, but now.. im better than all of this. i dont need to deal with someone who is lower than me. im ready for life. i dont wanna just have fun and get "F*ked up." i wanna enjoy what i have , the opportunities...everything. you sir, cant make me fall.

I am who i am.

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