Monday, August 17, 2009

i dont knw how to title my blogs...

sorry i ahvent been up do date lately X]

had a keyclub meeting :] then after that we went to go buy supplies nd decorations in order to make posters and stuff for the dance ^^ i went with jenny to westmall. after that we went to sams nd worked :P
then got home, went to the gym and bought a box of tea for my early mornings.

my algae eater died friday :[ i didnt even give it a name T__T after that lizzy came over nd picked me up. haha and then after that we went to matts barbeque! (on a friday) it was really fun :] i didnt know much people there but made new friends. had kbbq and hotdogs X] played football,basketball, and other stuff.... :D ...."im talking to huy right now...nd hes debating over beer or a bowl of fruit." lizzy and josh kept tweeting each other about me T__T and they came into conclusion that i was too good for them. :] LOL


look at the hand print adam gave him on his back... LOL

...they wernt really wrestling...just groping each other. O_0

after the bbq/reunion, a couple of cool kids went to matts house. we went swimming in his pool. everyone got thrown into the pool by adam. hahaha xD cept for me nd jennifer. jennifer thought i was going to throw her into the pool so she grabbed my legs and almost dragged me down and adam came over and ripped her off my legs. hahahaha xD it was funn :D after that we all chilled in matts room. adam made spam, matt supplied dry clothes for all the girls (his dads clothes). i stayed at matts house till 12:22 and i was talking to huy nd matt was talking to danvy. me nd danvy really connected......... :D and matt and huy really ...connected:? .... lol but i got picked up late cause my family went out on a movie night to go watch G.I.JOE and Distrct 9

$tar$truck dance. this night was FVkeyclubs time to shine. for me, it went very well. everyone i danced with loved me :D and i like how when val and i danced everyone backed away from us and just stood there staring at us in envy. :D <3


  1. supa cute [:

    did you make a new blogspot??

  2. michaellll i hope you don't mind if i put one of these on facebook