Sunday, August 9, 2009

santa barbara camping trip

my family and my dads/moms friends went on a camping trip this weekend. we got a really big camping site with 6 benches. really good shade area. nice scenery. close to a really good fishing spot. it was almost perfect. best camping trip evahh. haha
i took all the pictures except for the pics of me on the boat fishing and the picture of me playing 13. but the rest i took. heh heh ;] enjoi.


view from my tent

my tent arrangement. with an airmattress i snuck along ;]

playing 13. if you lose.. 20 jumping jacks/ 10 push ups/ or getting flicked in the ear twice. lol


he tripped

we decided to go fising :D

this is our camping spot


he reminds me of this guy...^^^

mom and dad <3

waiting for something to happen

decided to go late night fishing

give me a light show :D

sun came out at night


moon reflection.

morning mist.

group pictures. with me mom dad brother and friends.

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