Sunday, September 6, 2009

September 5th 2009 <3

Seems like an ordinary day, but ended in a very special way. Huy and i passed by Starbucks to go get some drinks/breakfast. The employees knew him O_0 cause he was that popular. After that we went to go pick up Aram at his lavished elegant abode that over looks the ocean on a sea side cliff. Then we went to go pick up Kayla at her house (she was asleep T__T) . All four of us stopped by my house nd then off we went to UCLA. :D <3 We walked around the campus and saw beautiful things. It was like love at first sight. After that we went to Aram's Persian 5 Star Restaurant called Darya which i recommend to everyone. It was very very very beautiful :] heehee. we stayed there for about 2 hours nd then we left off to find Rodeo dr.
We walked around the area, shared laughs and giggles. after that we all went home. adventuring was fun :] im up for doin it again. haha <3

emo UCLA student. he scared me. :[


Kayla is funny. :] When She walks into the stores the People/Security literally stared at her xD HAHahaHAhAhaHaHAhaHAHAa xD <3

What car is this!? D;< I NEED TO KNOW!

After Adventure up to LA, Paul came over and we went to his house. Met up with his sister (Aimy) and my brother. We talked and ate some delicious food <3 :]
after that we went back to my house and then went to Tapioca Express and go Kalimari/drinks/and chicken. I ran out of batteries so i couldnt take pictures of T.E.


  1. i'm pretty sure it's a Rolls Royce.

  2. MMMMMMM persian food sounds good; awesome pix mikey :)