Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Went to Charlie P. to eat.
good American food.

So, I don't know how to set my layout so my pictures display larger… :( does anyone know how? and i doubt like…anyone would respond to this cause i get no comments…whatsoever.


  1. It's not really the layout. If you upload the image off of the uploader tool on your post, then your image will look like that.

    If you upload the image on let's say:
    Grab the direct URL link and put your images in using the code:
    [img src="" width=""]
    Set the width to whatever you want it to be. Make sure the dimension for the width is smaller than the original image, otherwise it'll look pixelated. Replace the brackets with < and >

    That's all :3

  2. and i comment,
    and to fix it you can just click
    Design on your Dashboard
    Click on Template Designer
    once that loads press
    Layout then Adjust Width and I think you can figure the rest out :)
    hopefully this answers your question?