Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What do I need really bad right now?


Under this easy-going facade, I've been going through many difficulties. Ravenous kids at my school, one in particular (white freshman girly voice)… thinks he could talk to me. He never stops coming up to me and asking me to wear my glasses. Yesterday he walked up to me and I stuck my hand right into his face, without any hesitation, I walk past him.

Another mishap is about how the human's feelings work: love.

When you meet someone, for the first time, you feel as if you have something going for you. Going for the both of you…
…But one thing comes to mind for me at first, the future. What's going to happen in the next three months, how about the next 6 months? The answer to that is unpredictable, endless.
What is the reason for that "someone"? I say, that person is there for you because of enjoyment, a sense of love, someone who will always be there for you no matter what, in need of a close friend, someone who shares the same likes/dislikes, someone who will always make you feel like you're worth a million bucks…when you feel like nothing… that person can give you a great time, that person won't leave you if everyone else wants to do something elsewhere.All these things don't just come out of nowhere, you find someone you see who has the potential to be your bf/gf. You give it a go for a couple weeks, months… however you both feel comfortable with… then when it's the right time… when you're sure of a chance at that addiction we all call love, then take it to the next level. The confirmation of being a couple is one step, maintaining a steady or escalating relationship is another.

Is it hard to maintain interest rather than losing it? This question I've been wondering for a while…

I have these moments …lol.. 'breakdowns'… at times where school/parentals/life-in general starts taking control of me, but right now, all I want to do is breath…calm down. walk along the shore, glide my toes through the cold lifeless livegiving water and start to sing…"Ordinary People" by John Legend. haha
Either that or a night out with friends…preferably … the friends who will give up any part of their day just to have a talk with me. A friend who will listen to my complications, and guide me through obstacles.
I want everything to work out. I need a vacation, I want Summer to come back.

i just took a break from blogging for about 10 min, i decided to make kalamari! i feel happy now. <3