Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gradient Loving

Time gives us options. Options are decided by the blank thoughtful choices we make. Choices are our careless/considerate decisions that appear to be common sense to us. Sometimes I wish that I could make sense for once and someone would acknowledge that. Every moment that my mom and I would make eye contact, the excess apathy seeping through her face shows another way of her flaunting her stubbornness, but to ensure her stingy being, she shoots me down by cooking a delicious bountiful meal and not offering any of it. :[ i miss my mom's cooking. I miss when she worries for me when I sleep in so she comes into my room to wake me up. I miss when she tells me to clean my room. I miss when she makes fun of people when shes driving. I miss our conversations. Why must the principle of insecurity, doubt, and awful spite turn us around. I hope everything will turn out for the better, and i know you don't read my blogs but … if you ever do,
I love you mom <3

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