Thursday, October 15, 2009

stress and college mean the same thing.

(earlier this morning… we had a earthquake drill)

i began typing my essay today during sixth period. Well, as a matter of fact i don't have a 6th, thats how i started :D
i was sitting outside near a tree near the grassy knoll. As u can tell, its kind of my inspiration writing place.

"I see it as a blank canvas that must be indulged in beautiful art. "It", as in anything I can get my hands on that is. I strive as any virtuoso would do so, and that is to do what is right, create anything out of nothing, and use a contemporary flow of thought that appeals to my senses. When my mind begins to wander off into its own attraction, I grasp the visuals in my head and connect the made-up dots I project onto a canvas. I pick up my brush and without any hesitation, without any mistakes, I begin to create a painting, flawless."

one of my paragraphs in my essay due tomorrow :[ i hope my prudent judgements on this essay will earn my the grade i deserve.

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