Monday, May 11, 2009


so i tried out for publicity(person who does all the posters) for ASB on Saturday and i didnt make it.
i just wanted to know why :]
but look on the bright side, i have a chance to do an extra AP art :] haha ...again

but now im just waiting from a reply from this guy named Darren De la Cruz for an internship at Baumvision....( :]

haha ooo and im planning to go to BolsaProm. i just need mooolah.

1 comment:

  1. hey mikie, it's alright, i know you're better than those asb kids, they just get all big headed after a while, you arent like that, so it's cool

    so i picked up my first gig as a DJ at some party, so i might be able to help you out with the moolah if it isnt any time soon.

    peace bro