Monday, May 25, 2009

memorial weekend so far.

friday...hmmm...what happened.. i went to Georges house and all of us (me,brother,daisuke, vincnet and his girlfriend,thaole and her boyfriend,jeanne, andrew..etc) and played mafiaaaa :] yay
saturday!!! DEBUT! DANCE DANCE DANCE. HAPPY bday Ate Miriah!!! and then went to a UCI dance :D OMG FUNNNN :D heehee met a few peepoh. the best day of my life since last thursday!! :D haha. yay
Sunday: went out with relatives. went around.
then talked to someone...that i thought wouldve turned out okay. but i guess it kinda sucked...i really dont know what to think of that person anymore.
now i sleep and dream of a peaceful night.

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