Thursday, May 14, 2009

i hope still

is it for real? because i thought it was. i just dont want it to happen. maybe im in denial. please...think about it. all my life i waited for someone like that. but...i dont know. i really dont wanna continue this day. i just wanna sit in that park. and just continued it. i didnt want to walk away. i looked back three got up and just left. i dont know if i could ever see you anymore. i just sat here at home thinkking about it. ill just leave you all behind. cause if i think about you...i cant stop thinking. and ill just want you more. cause right now thats the only thing i care about. im just scared that voice my lead me away.

-to you.

so this letter up here was written by a famous but sad person. Everyday this person would hope for the days to come with his "you". he didnt care what how long it took for him to see his "you". it just occured to me that this letter ...will meaning... cause everytime i think about it now...i just wanna tear it up and go on with life.

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  1. everyone gets stronger with determination and time. Keep going on strong [:

    AND yes, I do see you everywhere..
    in the same couple minutes too. hahaha